tammikuu 2010

Editorial 1/2010

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Welcome to Lasuuri, a webmagazine for art museum professionals. Our pilot magazine is dedicated to large exhibitions. Furthermore, our actual projects and publications linked to the theme and the classics of art history are discussed.

Lasuuri is published four times annually. It offers a forum for the contextualisation of the most central phenomena of art museums. Our aim is to tell more about our projects and their background and increase the knowledge of art museums. The name of our magazine refers to transparencies and describes our aim well.

The editors of the magazine are all art museum professionals with solid experience connected with conservation, art museums and archives.

The units responsible for this magazine are the Central Art Archives, Conservation Department and Community Relations Kehys, which have been publishing magazines such as Dokumentti, Krappilakka and different kinds of newsletters. These publications are now combined to bring you Lasuuri. This is also a way to make our communications even more effective.

Lasuuri anticipates the renewal of the Finnish National Gallery website which will take place later this year. The new web pages will be more service-oriented in accordance with the needs and wishes of our clients.

We would also like to encourage the readers of Lasuuri to interact with us. You are welcome to send us feedback and ideas concerning Lasuuri. You can send feedback and ideas concerning this webmagazine to lasuuri(at)fng.fi.

Have a pleasant reading experience with Lasuuri!

Susanna Pettersson
Head of Development, Development and Community Relations Kehys

Ulla Vihanta
Director of the Central Art Archives

Kirsti Harva
Head of the Conservation Department