maaliskuu 2011

Editorial 1/2011

Anna-Maria Wiljanen | 1/2011

A new year brings new ideas. The editorial board of Lasuuri reflected on theme/themes that would be interesting for museum professionals this year. We wanted to focus on one large issue and were unanimous that digisitation should chosen as theme for the whole year. It concerns us all and will serve the needs of citizens and science as well as culture and education not only in Finland but all over the Europe.

Europeana, the European Digital Library is a joint project of the European Commission and the European Union Member States. It constitutes a view of European cultural heritage. The Europeana portal is at and it’s key contents will be digitised materials of libraries, archives and museums. The National Digital Library project participates in the development of Europeana and will mediate metadata on Finnish materials to Europeana. But what does digitisation mean for sole museums? What are their expectations and what kind of difficulties do they face?

Lasuuri will during this year follow up different projects of digitisation and tell more about the musem professionals working with the projects.

The next inclusive reading package will be published before the summer and the last Lasuuri of this year will come out in November.

As always you can send your ideas and suggestions to lasuuri(at) or comment on every article or blog which makes Lasuuri an excellent forum for discussion.

Enjoy reading!

Anna-Maria Wiljanen


Communications Manager, Finnish National Gallery