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Call for papers – The 10th Triannual Nordik Committee for Art History Conference NORDIK 2012

Anna-Maria Wiljanen | ajankohtaista

Call for papers deadline January 15, 2012

The 10th Triannual Nordik Committee for Art History Conference NORDIK 2012


The Critical Production of Display and Interpretation in Art History

24-27 October 2012, Stockholm University and Södertörn University

Keynote speakers:

  • Professor Charlotte Klonk, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin
  • Professor Pamela M. Lee, Stanford University
  • Professor Matthew Rampley, University of Birmingham

Display and interpretation are central to all forms of art historical practice. Take, for instance, the interpretation of images through reproductions, the display and interpretation of artworks in installations, ephemeral gestures, the juxtaposition of non-verbal and verbal signs on printed pages, walls, in the air, etcetera. Whether approached from the standpoint of museums, academia, publishing houses or outside institutions, display is no mere function of interpretation. It is a component in a complex interpretative situation. This is no innocent situation but one that can be regarded as part of discursive practice, where the task of presentation of objects and images and representation of art historical meaning and knowledge – consciously or unconsciously – embrace elements of historical evaluation, ideological perceptions and epistemological standpoints.

How do we go about the critical production of displays and interpretations? How can we understand their historical or contemporary production? These questions are of seminal importance for historians of art across disciplines, institutional habitats, research fields, or of preferred research objects. An obvious background is the discussions of the last decade about changing forms of presentation, visual technologies and strategies of interpretation. This conference encourages critical reflection on these issues.

We invite paper proposals for the 21 sessions spanning a wide range of topics.

Submit a 1-2 page abstract, brief c.v. (two pages max.), and full contact information by January 15, 2012.

NB: Direct your communication both to the chairs of relevant sessions and to the conference organisers at: