joulukuu 2011

Editorial 3/2011

Anna-Maria Wiljanen | english summary

The eventful year of museums 2011 is racing for its end. It’s that time of the year when one usually reflects on past events and looks to the future.  Next year will be even more eventful. Helsinki will be the world’s design capital but there will be fascinating art exhibitions throughout the whole Finland – something for everyone!

But what about the art museum professionals? How should we prepare ourselves for the new year? By focusing on audience or participants according to Jim Richardson. He claims in his article The audience is dead – let’s talk participants instead. Today’s audience is not just a group of passive spectators but people that are actively involved in the digital world and want to participate in the museum world no matter whether it’s about a new exhibition or a marketing campaign. Yorkshire’s favourite paintings is an excellent example of this. The public was asked to join this marketing campaign by telling stories about their favourite painting. The prize was a replica of ones favourite painting. All in all 400 people participated in the competition. The stories lived on in social media and the campaign website was visited by thousands of people. Read more about the campaign.

This Lasuuri focuses also on audiences. Anu Niemelä’s article about the visitor survey of Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasmas ARS 11 –exhibition as well as Marjatta Levanto’s and Tanja Karpasto’s articles – all refer to the importance of different kind of audiences and museum spaces. Maybe the slogan for next year could simply be for the best of the audiences!

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Wish you a wonderful christmastime and a happy new year!

Anna-Maria Wiljanen


Communication manager, Finnish National Gallery