kesäkuu 2012

The Registration for the NORDIK 2012 conference is now open

Anna-Maria Wiljanen | 1/2012

NORDIK 2012: Meeting-Place for Art Historians of the NorthPresentation/Representation/RepressionThe Critical Production of Display and Interpretation in Art History,

Stockholm, October 24-27, 2012

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  • Charlotte Klonk, Humboldt Universität Berlin
  • Pamela M Lee, Stanford University California
  • Matthew Rampley, University of Birmingham

During the conference over 100 papers will be presented by art historians from the Nordic countries and beyond.Topics for the 21 sessions are

  1. Feminisms and Curating: Strategies, Interventions, Histories
  2. Fashion as Image
  3. Embodiment and Method in Art History and Visual Studies
  4. Presentation/Representation/Repression
  5. The Visibility of Divergence
  6. Fear of Art Museums: Staging Controversy
  7. Art, Borders and Boundaries
  8. Iconography Revisited
  9. Changes and Reform in Art School Education in the Nordic Countries from 1900 to the present
  10. Reconsidering the Carpet Paradigm
  11. Art and economy. Art History and the Economization of Culture
  12. Rethinking the Object of Contemporary Art
  13. Towards a Critical Architectural History: Architecture, History and Theory
  14. Art Theory as Visual Epistemology: Theory and Practice
  15. Avant-Gardes in Transition – New Approaches
  16. Medieval Art and Architecture: Representing a North Sea World
  17. Exhibitions that shaped Modern Architecture
  18. Modern Architecture after the Fact
  19. Art Museums, Research and Display
  20. National Values: Creating Heritage
  21. Bodies and Spaces: Challenging Borders and Demarcations

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